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ETA Websis

For ETA Commercial Software, it is a functional Web Application that every user can easily use over ADSL static IP. This application can be used easily on mobile platforms. The aim of this web application is, on the web platform; Collection (Check, Bill, Cash), Order Entry, Invoice Entry, and Reports are available. The input data is transferred to the ETA database with a single click selected within the authority of the authorized user and there is no need for the user to perform any additional operations in the ETA Business Program. EtaWebsis is intended for ETA SQL-based software. Also integrated into the application It is available in the Android app and is packed. Click For Android ETA SQL Mobile application

Also; ETA Websis and ETA for SQL Mobile promotional site Click...

* Current Balance Conditions
* Transfer of current collections 'to ETA
* Current Transactions
* Address Transactions
* Case Transactions and Their Concepts
* Bank Transactions and Their Concepts
* Check Reports and Unpaid Check Reports
* Stock Statement and Warehouse Details
* Warehouse Inventory Stock Inventory
* Create Sales Bills and transfer them to ETA
* invoice List and Invoice Details
* Invoice Profitability Analysis
* VAT Invoice / Profit-Loss
* Transfer of order entry and orders to ETA by top authorized user
* Transfer of Sales Fee entry and invoices to the ETA by the top approver user
* In addition to auto-completion features during order and invoice, multiple stock selections, warehouse selections, the most frequently purchased items on the front panel, features that will speed up the login process.
* For the company's mobile collectors; Cash, check-in and transfer of these entries to the ETA and approval of the upper-end user and sending of the customer collection result
* as SMS
* User authorization system
* Warning System
* Graphic output (Personnel sales performance graph, top 10 product charts with the most sales graph, product and personnel graph,...
* A structure that offers much more than hand terminals...