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ETA SQL Mobile

ETA SQL Mobile Download

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ETA SQL Mobil nedir?
ETA SQL Mobil, We developed ETA for SQL ETA Websis is an Android based application that communicates with ETA SQL database using WebSIS 'XML' web services. Designed for field personnel, it is a series and practical application. (Hot sale / Cold sale)

What can you do with ETA SQL Mobile briefly:
1. You can collect cash, check, checkbook, print out
2. You can collect the customer order, you can print the transactions
3. You can enter the sales bills and print out
4. For print out you can choose a Bluetooth-enabled Thermal and DotMatrix printer
5. You can get reports about your permissions
  * Current Summary Reports
  * Current Statement
  * Stocked Current Account
  * Payment Reports
  * Check / Invoice Reports
  * Unclaimed customers recently
  * Carers not ordered recently
  * Carers not collected recently
6. You can continue to use it on internet breaks
7. You can map current inventory and current information from the server whenever you want
8. You can choose serial stock with barcode support
9. You can define New Inventory or New Current
10. You can keep logs for Root followers or Root leaders
11. You can get reports on daily, weekly or monthly transactions. These reports can be current, detailed current or stock group basis.

Not: This app is compatible with android tablet or android phones. Our main goal is to enable users to work wirelessly with the wireless thermal or wireless dotmatrix printers on the market. For this reason, the Android platform is primarily preferred. For iOS users who do not require a printer output, you can try our ONLINE working and other compatible application for the iOS platform.

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