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As Erisim Computer and Datakent, we have been developing software in the software sector. Our softwares are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile platform, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We can also develop WEB based software . In this context, you have the option of choosing a platform that is appropriate for you. In short, we can solve your software needs in a platform-independent way.

How our custom software development process works:
First of all, the user needs to submit a document about the software that he plans to have installed. As a preliminary information in the present document;
In which sector you plan to use the software
Is it a copy of the software? Or more than one copy? What you plan to use You need to specify on which platform or platforms you plan to use the software.

In the future, detailed information about the business to be implemented needs to be given. The definition of work, the process, the data entry forms used in the process, the fields in the data entry forms and the types of fields (textual, historical, mixed, etc.), the subforms of the existing form, field types, search criteria to be used in registration, output samples to be used for the reporting process, and reporting criteria are the areas we interested in. In the light of this information to be presented, feedback is provided to the user with years of experience. The feedback can include forms and texts to open the subject. On paper, the process continues until the user has the opinion that "YOUR OSFTWARE DEMANDS ARE FULLY SATISFIED". Subsequently, the user is informed of the date and price of the project. There is no charge or demand for this process. In case of approval, a contract is made between the two parties (25% of the price is added to the agreed price as VAT). Then the project development process is started. Information about the software development process is given to the user in certain intervals and sample outputs are sent. The software is provided to the user in the pre-test version or it can be installed in the system. At this point the user can follow the development of the software.